Wide Lots and Parking in Residential Communities

Langston Residential Development has been building residential subdivisions for more than 35 years. With more than 1800 home sites created in 15 different subdivisions, Langston has extensive experience developing residential communities. One thing we have heard from builders and homebuyers alike is the need for wide lots and plenty of parking. Nothing can make a residential area feel more cramped and claustrophobic than cars parked in the street because there isn’t enough room in the driveway or garages.

Because of this and our commitment to planning, we had the forethought to design extra-wide lots so that every home has the potential for a three-car garage. We think you deserve the extra space and convenience a wider lot can offer. But most importantly, we don’t want you to feel like your home was designed in a hurry and crammed in with other homes. The result is open, breathable and beautiful streets as well as convenient parking for residents.

Wide Lot Home 2

Wide Lot Home 1

In addition, we take the time to preserve the maximum amount of the land’s existing features and dispel the notion that development cannot be environmentally friendly. Spending more time and resources in the planning and design stages of development helps preserve the natural features of the ground, resulting in a more attractive appearance. We believe the results of our efforts can clearly be seen by driving through any one of our communities.

We remain committed to creating unique custom home communities in some of the most desirable locations in Hamilton County. Please contact Jim Langston for the latest availability and any additional information you desire at info@langstondev.com or 317-590-5687.