Westfield Schools & Your Kids

Indiana, and in particular Westfield, have some great schooling opportunities for your children. We all know the education of your kids is a major influence when deciding where to move and raise them. Here is a quick breakdown of what our town has to offer your family:

Indiana intradistrict choice

In Indiana, we have what’s called the intradistrict choice. This means that your child can attend any school inside your district, including charter schools. There is even the possibility of transferring outside of your district, but that may mean that you will need to pay tuition. All of this means that you can hand pick the learning environment for your children in a very easy process.

Westfield public schools

Now, let’s take a closer look at Westfield schools. This city alone has a selection of educational institutions, but there is a claim to fame here. Westfield High School is ranked 6th in the state of Indiana. It also boasts a 56% of its students in AP programs and a diverse student body.

See? There are so many excellent options for your little ones. If you want more information on schools, neighborhoods, and lots, please reach out to us.