We Love the Environment

Here at Langston Development, we take every aspect of our job seriously. A part of that work is making sure that we are taking care of earth as much as possible. These are a couple of different ways that we try to protect the land that we love so much for you and your family inside our properties.

Natural features

We start with surveying the acreage with varying topography technology. Once we mapped out all of the naturally occurring features, we take every step to preserve them. That means spending more time and resources in the planning and design stages of development to keep all those important ecosystems thriving.


It’s a goal of ours to save and incorporate as many native trees into our communities as possible. This is such a priority to us that in 2002 we were selected as Westfield’s Developer of the Year and then in 2005 we were one of five developers in the nation to receive the Building With Trees Award of Excellence by The Natural Arbor Day Foundation!

Maintaining the essential and beautiful scenery of a community will always be a priority for us at Langston Development. If you want to know more about our environmental endeavors, please contact us!