ROUNDUP: Taking care of your family

We’ve been running our blog for a year now, and we think we’ve had some good posts. Here are a few in the last six months that we think you should consider rereading when deciding on going with us and our communities.

Westfield schools & your kids

Want to know more about the school system your kids would attend if your family lived in one of our subdivisions? Then read more here!

A custom home vs. a production home

If you’re still trying to figure what type of home to build please read this blog post!

2 of the best family floor plans for your custom home

Picking a style and floor plan for your new custom home isn’t easy. Here are two unexpected options for you and your custom homebuilder to consider!

We love the environment

Here at Langston Development we try our best to environmentally conscience. To learn more about how we do that check this out.

Want to know more about how we can help you and your family out with a custom home? Then please contact us!