New Website for Langston Development

We figured it was about time to give the website a little refresher. We wanted to bring the design a little more inline with the quality homebuyers and builders have come to expect from Langston communities, but more than anything we wanted to better communicate with folks like you.

Beyond the overall look of the site, the biggest change you’ll notice is an enhanced way to see and shop for currently available homesites, but now in ALL of our currently active communities. You’ll also easily be able to lake a glance at many of our past projects on the appropriately named, Past Projects page. We think it’s important for visitors to understand we’ve been at this for a while and have a flawless track record for designing and completing highly successful Hamilton County neighborhoods. It can be scary to make a big investment in a new neighborhood still in its infancy. We get that. Just wanted to remind you that you’re safe with us.

The one other thing you may notice is a little greater emphasis on our consulting business. Many times there are landowners or occasionally family members who might inherit land that need help seeing a path forward towards development or just what to do next. There’s an easy link on the homepage that will put us in touch so we can see if we are a good fit in helping you move forward.

We invite you to cruise around the new site and make yourself at home. We always welcome your feedback. Whether you like and find things helpful or have a suggestion on how to make things better; we’re always listening. Just navigate to the contact form and send away.

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