Hot Home Decor Trends for 2018

Do you need to update your home? Or, are you looking to make your new place look and feel exactly how you dream it could be? Now is the time to start planning your home makeover for 2018, and we’ve put together some tips and trends to help you along the way.

If you attended the 2017 Home-a-Rama at our Lakes at Grassy Branch neighborhood, you would have seen some of the hottest home decor trends. From accent wallpaper and innovative storage solutions to pocket doors and outdoor living rooms, these homes had it all.

Now, we’re taking you even deeper into interior design with these hot home decor trends for 2018.

IN: Geometric Patterns

Use these patterns to bring a vibrant texture to your with geometric pattern wallpaper or in your drapes, rugs and throw blankets.

IN: Woven Baskets

Baskets are great for accents, to fill in empty spaces in bookshelves or just as a neat little storage option. The natural colors and feel to woven baskets will fit almost any home style and you’ll love having an easy and beautiful storage solution around your home.

IN: Art Gallery Style Wall Decor

Treat your home like a museum with lots of framed prints on the wall. You can order them neatly in a row or stack and layer them to take up as much wall space as possible, but you’ll want to get your stunning art collection on display in 2018.

IN: Green, Green, Green

Perhaps it’s our desire to head back to nature, or maybe green is just in style. Either way, deep greens (think olives and avocados) are going to be hot in 2018 in wall color and accents. Don’t be afraid of adding a green rug or even green furniture to your home to bring the outdoors in.

As we welcome in 2018, let’s use this time to make your home shine like new. And if you’re looking for a fresh start next year, please take a look at lots in our neighborhoods to build your next home just the way you want it. Contact us today to learn more about our and how we’re using nature to inspire the next generation of family homes in Westfield.