GUIDE: How to Choose a Custom Homebuilder

New home being built with wood plank, trusses and assorted supplies

Entrusting someone in the future of your family’s brand new home can be challenging, but mostly it’s extremely nerve-wracking! This is a big decision that can’t be taken lightly, because the honest truth of it is that you’ll literally be living with the outcome of your builder selection for many, many years to come. So, how do you start the process of picking a homebuilder? Here’s a guide to take you through this important process.

1. Needs
This is where you need to look at what you and your family will need from this home. Look at what size, type, and price will work best for everyone now and as the household grows. While most custom homebuilders can construct anything you’d like, most of them have specialties in areas like size, type and price range. Once you have figured out those needs and wants, it will help point you in the right direction of deciding on the builder.

2. References
Ever hear of the expression “word of mouth?” Well, there’s a reason why it’s one of the most trusted forms of advertising. Go ahead and talk to folks who have custom homes already. What did they like or dislike about their home and its builder? Who has a trusted reputation in the community? This will be more helpful than you might think!

3. Design
As mentioned before, you’ll literally be living inside this for several years. This means the design style is pretty significant. Start looking into which custom homebuilder produces the aesthetic you and your family enjoy the most, whether that is green living, Victorian, southern charm, modern, or tiny homes.

4. Resale
With big purchases it’s always within your best interest to do some research on the resale value. Check out what these custom builders are pulling in on their resold homes. The easiest way to find this out is to talk to your real estate agent about which builder carries the most punch for your buck when it comes to putting your potential future home on the market in the future.

5. Quality
While on your tours be sure to look around for quality. Are they using high-end materials? How’s the workmanship? Here are some ways to tell if the craftsmanship of this custom homebuilder is top-notch.

6. Legal
Before signing on with a builder it’s a good idea to have a lawyer who practices real estate law look over any contracts before signing. This could very helpful in deadlines, responsibilities, finances, and more.

This guide should help you in finding the custom homebuilder to make your fantasies become a happy home reality! If you need additional assistance, just give us a shout!