A Custom vs. Production Home

A row of new townhouses or condominiums.
A row of new townhouses or condominiums.

If you’ve been in the market to build a home chances are you’ve heard of building a custom home or purchasing a production (tract) home. But, which one is the right one for you and your family? This can prove a little difficult to navigate so let us help!

Custom Home – Pros

You have a specific vision or needs
If you have a certain style you want your home to be or need particular elements in your home like handicap accessibility, a home theater, or extra bedrooms then a custom home is probably going to be a better fit for you. Sit down and actually draw out exactly everything your family will need and want. This exercise can be very telling of what will work best.

With custom homes you’ll be able to control the quality of the materials used in building the home. This means you’ll be able to choose the level of luxury your home will be built with from the start.

Custom Home – Cons

It could take some time
The downside? If you’re building a larger custom home, in particular, it could take some time. This is because it could take extra time to make your choices or to get the materials in. So if you’re looking to move in quickly, this might not be the right route for you.

Production Home – Pros

Easy decision-making
If making decisions isn’t easy for you then production homes might be something to seriously consider. Many production homes have home plans to choose from along with carpeting, cabinets, window options, and everything in between!

Typically quick turn around
Since everything is already picked out and in-stock at the production company/builders, the build time can and should be faster. Of course, this can also depend on the time of year and the selections you made.

Production Home – Cons

The cookie-cutter feel
Esthetically, many of these homes may look the same to the other homes, depending on the development’s architectural requirements, since everyone will be picking from the same plans and options.  This can bother some, but not others.  If this is a concern of yours, keep this in mind when picking not only a home, but the neighborhood as well.  Obtain a copy of the neighborhood’s architectural requirements to see if there are restrictions on how many times a particular elevation can be built and how close they can be built to each other.  Additionally, driving through a community, focusing on all the homes, can help determine the diversity of homes being built.

Want to talk more about which option is best for your lifestyle? Feel free to reach out to us!