10 Housewarming Gift Ideas

If you have recently purchased a new home, then make sure to have a fun housewarming party. Invite your friends, relatives and new neighbors so that you can give them a tour of your customized home. Make sure to invite your children’s friends so that they can show off their new bedrooms and the backyard. Sign up with a gift registry to help your guests choose a fantastic housewarming gift. Here are 10 wonderful items to place on your housewarming gift list.

Housewarming Gift 1: Potted Plants

Every home should have potted plants, so make sure to request your favorite variety of lush green houseplant. Some of the best houseplants to have in a home include: 

  • English ivy
  • Snake plant
  • Spider plant 
  • Bamboo palm
  • Philodendron 
  • Aloe vera
  • Cactus
  • African violets

You can place a potted houseplant on a windowsill, fireplace mantel or end table to create an attractive ambiance in a living room, bedroom or kitchen. 

Housewarming Gift 2: Scented Candles and Candleholders 

After moving into your new home, you need fragrant candles in every room. Not only can a candle help a room smell better, but also, during an electrical power outage, you need candles for light. You can also light a candle at any time to give a room a cozy feeling. Candles are available in a variety of sizes or styles, and you can make a special request for a particular scent such as: 

  • Vanilla
  • Lavender
  • Pumpkin
  • Citrus
  • Balsam 

Candles are often already in glass containers, but you can also request small candles with separate glass candleholders. 

Housewarming Gift 3: Bread, Olive Oil and Salt

Delicious loaves of bread, olive oil and containers of salt are traditional housewarming gifts that originated in Italy. Today, these items are still great to have in your home on a daily basis, or you can use the foods at your housewarming party. Several companies create gift baskets that contain beautiful bottles of gourmet olive oil, specialty salts and a variety of breads to use in your new home’s kitchen. 

Housewarming Gift 4: Personalized Doormat

After moving into your new home, you will want to keep the entranceway clean with a high-quality doormat. When you create your gift registry for a housewarming, make sure to request a personalized doormat. Choose a color that looks great next to your front door, and select a design that fits your personality. You may also want to have a personalized doormat next to the back door of your new home. 

Housewarming Gift 5: Artwork For the Walls

Your new home needs to have artwork for the walls, and you can ask for plaques or prints in an assortment of styles and sizes. Choose artwork designs that will bless your home with quotes from poetry or religious texts. You can hang these types of artwork in different places inside your home, including the kitchen, living room or hallways. 

Housewarming Gift 6: Fireplace Tools

If this is your first home to have a fireplace, then you need to have fireplace tools to start and maintain a fire. Traditional fireplace tools include a sharp poker, tiny shovel, small broom and a device to pick up pieces of wood. All of these durable metal items are placed in a matching metallic stand that you set next to the fireplace. Not only are fireplace tools useful, but also, the items are attractive. 

Housewarming Gift 7: Door Knocker 

When you move into a larger customized home, it is difficult to hear someone knocking at the front door. Fortunately, you can request a door knocker as a housewarming gift. Door knockers are made from different types of metals in a variety of colors, and you install this item on the front door so that guests can use it when they visit. With a loud door knocker, you will always notice when someone is visiting your new home. 

Housewarming Gift 8: Monogrammed Bathroom Towels

After moving into your new customized home, you will likely have a guest bathroom that requires linens. Monogrammed bathroom towels look lovely hanging on a towel rack in a guests’ powder room. You can request an assortment of towel sizes or colors that will look fantastic with the plumbing fixtures in a guest bathroom. Many companies add embroidered monogramming to bathroom linens as a free service. 

Housewarming Gift 9: Box of Chocolates

A tasty assortment of chocolates is a perfect housewarming gift. Look for gourmet brands of chocolates that include milk, dark and white candies that contain nuts, fruit or caramel. You can open this gift immediately to serve at your housewarming party, or you can save the chocolates to enjoy later. 

Housewarming Gift 10: Picture Frame

You will want to have a new photograph of your family in a gorgeous silver picture frame. Silver Superstore in Kent, Wash., offers a variety of silver picture frames in different sizes, and some of the frames have attractive embellishments. You can place a picture frame and photograph on a dining room’s sideboard, a living room’s fireplace mantel or a bedroom’s end table.

Jessica Kane is a writer for Silver Superstore, home of the internet’s best flatware.